Autumn 2016 newsletter – Can you help?

Since I was first elected in 2004 I have published a 6-monthly newsletter for Yarra residents. This means printing 40,000 copies to be distributed to every house/unit/apartment across the City of Yarra.

The newsletter helps keep people informed of community struggles and local issues. It helps provide focus and support to local grassroots campaigns and encourages people to get active and involved. It also requires a lot of funds and energy to make happen.

Currently, one of the worlds most famous socialists is making a bid for the presidency of the USA. We can learn from his achievements. Bernie Sanders has raised millions of dollars from small donations from millions of ordinary people.

We don’t need millions of dollars, but we do need donations from ordinary people! Any small donation will help us print and distribute the newsletter.

Social change can only happen from the ground up. Showing people what’s going on in our community and how people are organising to solve problems is the first step to building a mass movement that can tackle the big issues that confront us.

If you can’t donate but can help distribute the newsletter, please get in touch!

Donate here:

– Councillor Stephen Jolly

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